Anniversary Session

Rachael + Brady Colorado Anniversary Session


The Anniversary Story

Describe your relationship as a couple:

Adventurous dog parents.

Tell me about yourselves; what do you like to do together?

We love hiking and camping with our dogs but are just as happy spending the night watching trash tv sometimes.

What is one thing new you learned about each other this past year?

Brady isn’t good at working for anyone other than himself. Rachael doesn’t put up with bullshit (oh wait, already knew that)

What is the most memorable or fun moment of your marriage thus far?

Buying a house together

What is on your couples bucket list? What would you like to do together in the future?

We want to explore Europe and New Zealand.

Tell me about your love story, what trials and tribulations have shaped you into who you are as a couple today?

We strive to enjoy every day. Yes, we want to prepare for the future, but if you’re always thinking about the future then you forget to live your life today.

What is something that you have done that has worked, and really made a difference in your marriage, that you would give as advice to other couples?

It’s best to talk through any misunderstandings and be willing to admit you’re wrong (sometimes).

The Shoot Story

Dakota Ridge Trail

Sunrise on Dakota Ridge Trail offered fantastic views of Red Rock Amphitheater, soft light, and access to both shadow and sun. Brady and Rachael joined me bright and early with Maya and Oz to capture their session for their second anniversary. I love to share that I was there through it all, the dating, the engagement, the wedding, and now this anniversary. Brady is my cousin after all! It has been so great to be a part of their journey by capturing their engagement session and now this.

We started out slow and took advantage of the rising sun that resulted in some spectral lens flares. Brady and Rachael slow danced on the ridge and hiked with their pups. They had sweet and soft moments in the morning glow and playful butt bumps walking hand in hand. If I was to pick one thing I admire about their relationship, it’s their willingness and ease in being playful.

Enjoy these images below and to see the full gallery click here Brady + Rachael Colorado Anniversary Full Gallery


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