Couples Session

Christian + Bryce Boulder Colorado Sunrise Couples Session


The Love Story

Christian and Bryce first met when Bryce was going through the Starbucks drive-through and thought “Oooo, that guy (Christian) is cute!” Little did he know that when he went into work for the first day he was scheduled to work with Christian. They officially met and hit it off and started dating shortly after!

The Shoot Story

Sunrise on the side of a mountain, wind whipping around, hands holding, eyes locking on each other, and the panoramic views. This session with Christian and Bryce really inspired me to be creative and to get up early! I felt the love and the playfulness in the air as I photographed them. We had to take breaks to warm up in the car, thank goodness for heated seats, but it was so worth the sky and the morning light that glazed the final images! I used lots of fun techniques, played with reflection, different lens covers, and double exposure. You can see some great shots before or click the link for a full gallery!

Christian + Bryce Full Gallery


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