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Hi, I’m Chelsie Chavarria! I love soaking up the simple delights in life. On any given day I might be snuggling at home with my husband Carlos, baby Levi, and furballs, Hazelnut and Bentley while reading the newspaper. When you can't find me there I might be sipping on brews whether caffeinated or hoppy, brunching with my best friend, listening to Coldplay on repeat while on a spontaneous road trip with my family, or wandering through neighborhood boutiques. I believe in love, writing thank you notes, and the power a good hike in nature has to heal all wounds. I’m a photographer, artist, wife, and mother - - plus I am always planning my next traveling adventure.

I wasn't always a photographer: I left my nine to five when I was twenty-five and knowing I was a dream believer I applied to college to study photography and spent the next few years growing into the photographer I am today.

What makes me feel my dreams have been fulfilled is getting to be a part of a couple’s journey. One of my favorite pieces of advice I got when I was engaged to Carlos was to always celebrate special occasions no matter how big or small or how long you have been together. It is so important to honor milestones in every relationship and whether you are celebrating a dating anniversary, getting engaged, walking down the aisle, or up a trail, a wedding anniversary, or renewing those all-important vows they all deserve to be captured so you can remember those moments that greet us then leave us.

I photograph couples who are romantics, they believe in celebrating their love, they never stop dating each other, and they aren’t afraid to climb a mountain together, literally. They are up for an adventure, like an elopement on a mountainside where the bride has just changed into her dress after a three-mile hike or an intimate wedding of the most cherished members of your life. If you are looking for more than just a photographer but someone who will create a memory around your special story I believe I just may be what you’re looking for!

I am known for photographing in nature and creating a relaxed and free-flowing shoot that results in candid moments such as laughter in the rain or running through an open field. I love having clients who are as open to adapting to the elements as I am.

If you’re still here I’d love to connect with you. I have an email link below or you can visit my contact page!

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