About Me


Hi I’m Chelsie Chavarria!

My Background

I am a Coloradan born and raised. I have experienced living near magnificent mountains and growing in the glorious plains of Julesburg, CO. Julesburg is a town in the top right-hand corner of this square state boasting a grand population of 1,259 people. To put that in perspective the average football stadium could hold fifty of this small hometown of mine. Growing up there I got to experience things many people never do, like having the same twelve kids surrounding me in every class from third grade through graduating high school. I know those people better than I will know most people I will meet for the rest of my life. This is also where I met my husband, Carlos at the ripe age of ten (he was eight). We didn’t know what our futures held when we first met, how could we? But it is so fun to reminisce on how young we were and just how long we have known each other. We started dating in 2007 and got married in 2012, fast forward to now and we have been together for 13 years and have a beautiful two-year-old son. I moved back to Denver (my family moved away when I was three) in 2013 with Carlos and I have loved every minute of it and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else!

My Photo Journey

I wasn’t always a photographer: I left my nine-to-five bank job when I was twenty-five and knowing I was a dream believer I applied to college to study photography. I was the first in my family to graduate from college and I am so proud to have received a Bachelor in Fine Art Photography from the University of Colorado Denver. There was a lot of time I spent in the darkroom in college, that’s right developing my own film and using the darkroom enlargers and chemical processes to print my images. The magic of watching an image appear in the developer is something that just can’t be replaced by anything on a digital screen. I incorporate the film photography style into my images that I make today. Since it was a fine art education it also taught me to be free with my expression and I am constantly implemented artistic techniques when I am behind the lens.

How I Spend My Time Outside of Photography

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me! Outside of photography, I love soaking up the simple delights in life. On any given day I might be snuggling at home with my husband Carlos, son Levi, and furballs, Bentley and Hazelnut while reading the newspaper or a good book. When you can’t find me there I might be sipping on brews whether caffeinated or hoppy, brunching with friends, listening to Coldplay on repeat while on a spontaneous road trip with my family, or wandering through neighborhood boutiques. I believe in love, writing thank you notes, and the power a good hike in nature has to heal all wounds. I’m a photographer, artist, wife, and mother — plus I am always planning my next traveling adventure. Did I mention the mountains are always calling my name? I love to off-road and I am currently panning which 14ers to check off my list. My newest hobby is staring an at-home cocktail bar I dubbed “Shits & Giggles,” because, you know, I do it for shits and giggles insert wink here. I am also an avid spectator with my favorite spectacle being the Denver Broncos, followed by any other Colorado team. There are many other facets of my being but that is a good scratch of the surface!


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