Engagement Session

Megan + Andy Colorado Engagement Session


The Love Story

What is your engagement story?

The day the ring arrived (unbeknownst to Megan), Andy began decorating their patio. He strung rose flowers along the cafe lights, bought champagne, and hooked up the projector which displayed a curated slideshow featuring us on all of our adventures. Andy waited until Megan arrived home from work and started playing one of her favorite songs “Wildflowers” by Tom Petty. She opened the door, Andy got down on one knee and the rest is history!

How did you meet?

We met on bumble

Describe your relationship as a couple.

We are a pretty adorable couple that are committed to each other through real-life and covid. We are both a little nerdy, driven, and laid back at the same time. We mesh well together, and often lose track of time, whether we are going on an adventure or relaxing on the couch.

Tell us about yourselves individually!

We’re both 32, planning a small wedding mid-pandemic. Andy is a nice northern boy, with a confusing love of Wutang and the Beastie Boys. He’s into Golf, the Packers, and building things. Megan is from the East coast, she’s into vegetables, pajamas, and their cat, Gus. She loves skiing but hates being cold.

The Shoot Story

Saint Mary’s Glacier

When I pulled up for the shoot and saw that Megan and Andy had license plates with the word “SNOW” in them I knew we couldn’t have picked a better day to do our shoot at the beautiful Saint Mary’s Glacier. It was snowing and cold, but they couldn’t have been happier to have flurry photos! Before we started the shoot I had to gear up in full snow gear, because I know at some point I would be laying in the snow trying to get that unique angle!

We trudged through the powder and began our shoot in the pine tree-lined trail. We cozied into those pines and captured sweet moments including a very special moment I had planned for them both. I asked Megan and Andy to write each other a love letter that they would exchange during the shoot. I not only captured the moment but I surprised them by playing the same song Andy played when he proposed. What can I say I am a romantic and I love making moments extra special for my couples! After some more fun in the snow, we headed down the mountain for our second location.

Red Rocks

After a wardrobe change and surprising Megan and Andy with a hot chocolate indulgence, I knew we would need something to warm us up so I made some to bring for the shoot, we headed out into the beautiful surroundings of Red Rocks Park. The backdrop of choice was the sky-high red rocks sprinkled with the white falling snow. They nestled in for some awe-inspiring wide shots and cozied up on a blanket while sharing a loving embrace both from each other and the formation around them.

For the final super sabery event that landed us all in sprinkles of champagne, we had a slight change in location due to a run-in with the park ranger. Let’s just say I learned my lesson about climbing on those beautiful rocks!

We ended our shoot at South Valley Park where we celebrated their engagement with a champagne saber and three bottles of champagne! Andy and Megan had been practicing using this champagne saber just for this moment, they had been in rigorous training for weeks, haha. When that second came we were all surrounded by bubbles and snow. Most of the champagne ended up on us or in the ground but we were all able to salvage enough to take home with us and enjoy!

I want to wish this fun-loving, snow-trudging, risk-taking couple a very happy wedding day and marriage. If they both take their marriage with the same stride and ease they expressed during this shoot then they will have a wonderful life together! Cheers!

You can see the full gallery here! Megan + Andy Full Gallery




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    Awesome Love Story❣️
    Beautiful setting, Beautiful couple 🥰
    Wishing you both an un-ending supply of romantic moments, interesting adventures and beautiful discoveries💕
    Love Always,


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